About Me

My name is Kaitlyn Swenson and I am from Orem, Utah.  I graduated from Brigham Young University in April of 2012 receiving my bachelor's degree in Social Science Teaching with a minor in Political Science Teaching.  I later received my master's degree in Political Science with an emphasis in American Political Culture.  After graduating I have had the opportunity of participating in various internships throughout the world including an internship in Great Britain's Parliament as well as an internship in Washington D.C. in the United State's Senate.      

My high school years were spent at Timpanogos High School where I currently teach.  Timpanogos High School is a world class high school featuring some of the best programs and classes offered in the country.  Timpanogos aspires to produce academic excellence in all fields of study, including American Government and Politics.  Through the high standards set by the Alpine School District, Timpanogos High School has seen increasing improvements each year in class room productivity and student performance.  Over the past 10 years Timpanogos High School has produced the highest test results in the fields of History, Science, Math, English, and American Government.


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Parents and Students may contact me at the following email: kaitybaby25 at hotmail dot com