Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Blog Post #2 - Website Creation Reflection

1. As I created this website I learned that technology can be used effectively in the classroom to utilize the many resources and materials found on the internet for students.

2. Creating this website was fairly easy for me. At first the formatting was a bit difficult. For example, I had a hard time putting a map of the school on the website that was easy to read and understand. It was also difficult to create a class calendar for each day's lessons. However, creating the website helped me to realize that it I would be able to create one for my classes in the future.

3. I would use a website as a teacher because it allows students to interact with other resources that would not be possible through any other medium.

4. Websites provide a greater variety in homework assignments and they allow parents and students to stay caught up and informed with the class schedule and activities.

5. Websites could provide some disadvantages by allowing kids to be on the computer too long or perhaps hurting those kids who do not have internet access. They also create less personal contact.

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